Each attendee is unique.

econgress™ allows you to customize attendee
profile and schedule, share industry information,
manage documents and credits or promote
networking between attendees...
You lead the way!


Each attendee is unique.
That’s why we have to design
meeting experiences for everyone.




Fully customize my profile

Participants are welcomed by an easy and speedy check-in process that allows participants to create their own social profile, including their professional interests.

For large virtual congresses, participants may obtain their own bespoke agenda, generated based on the preferences they entered into thesystem.



Manage my agenda

Management and efficiency: build your schedule and create a routine, book time slots for specific activities.
Optimize your time and create your own time-table with the most interesting sessions throughthe event grid.



Just as in a physical congress, all participants will be provided with a virtual congress bag. The bag can be used to store the brochures and catalogs by the sponsoring companies, as well as their attendance certificate or any other document provided by the event organizers.


Credits are important

We understand it is critical to maintain accreditation: econgress ensures your delegates are able to receive credits for the corresponding CME accreditation. Our system is designed to deliver credit hours for live activities and complete evaluations, and the certificate will be automatically stored in MyBag.




Visiting the Networking Lounge attendees will have the possibility to meet and connect with fellow colleagues.

- Find people
- one-to-one video meetings
- Instant chat
- Social media interaction
- Share personal contacts





Real-time voting with live on-air results, but also the possibility to decide the profiles of partici- pants who are allowed to take part in the vote, and the option of encrypting that must be held in a secure environment (eg. general assemblies) or those requiring a guarantee that each delegate casts only one vote.



Video pills

Offer your sponsors the possibility to post in a highlighted area their promotional clips and movies.



Make it happen

Recording and uploading communications,
speakers management, one-to-one business meetings or live Q&A and chat...

Be there from anywere.

On your marks,... get set... GO!

Your event begins way before the first attendee sign up!
Set the number of rooms and sessions, assist speakers to upload their lectures is one of econgress™ features.
But you have also the means to assemble a virtual expo providing sponsors or organizations the possibility to have their
exhibitor booths were they can disclose their brand/organization and meet up with participants.





Feed my feed

No mather where, no mather when... econgress™ provides the right tool to record and deliver speakers contributions.

After uploaded files are automatically downloaded to our servers. Once there they are submited to a validating process performed by the Event Team.

Lecturers will know if and when their files were validated and, if necessary, they will be informed if any adjustment is needed to be done on the file. Once validated files will be assigned to their location in the event grid.





Just like in the moovies

Once inside the econgress™ hall attendees will have access to a set of screens to inform them about sessions scheduling and allow to choose which one to attend. Live or pre-recorded the information is there for you!



Organizing an event
has never been this easy

Host online sessions for as many people as you want.

Stream live or pre-recorded sessions allowing participants to use live chat, answer polls & surveys or post questions to the speakers getting their answers in the moment.

econgress™ innovative menu solution allows attendees to switch from one room to another without leaving the room. Previous sessions are also reachable using this solution.





Scientific e-Posters

Presentations are grouped by theme in a specific area of econgress™ and are accessible to be presented and discussed in one-to-one sessions previously scheduled by message sent to the author.

Both the ePoster and its abstract will be available for consultation and download by the attendees.



Promotion // Marketing

Virtual booths, sponsored communications,
Brand management, email marketing or
download of advertising PDF flyers and brochures...

Promote your event. Promote your sponsors.

Give sponsors the visibility they deserve.

Brands and corporations need to see and be seen. econgress™ is prepared to leverage engagement between attendees and event sponsors or promoters. Clickable banners and posters or a virtual trade show lounge are some of econgress™ features.




Videos, banners and posters...

Flags, video screens, posters & banners and even a zeppelin airship are some of the tools that econgress™ gives you to engage attendees during their experience at the event.






Sponsored rooms and presentations

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Virtual exhibit Booths:
Brand interaction in real time

Booth owners can choose from pre-designed booth templates. This booths can include diferent digital content such as: New products, videos, PDF documents, weblinks, social media links and surveys.
When attendees enters the booth, sales representatives receive an alert. Chat options include private one-to-one text or video.




Attendees needing help?

Event Assistants are there to support attendees.
Video, voice or text... econgress™ provides answers
for everyone.

Live support for all!

Help... I need somebody,
Help... Not just anybody...

econgress™ platform provides live support so that your event attendees can communicate to someone everytime they have an issue. The VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is allways there at their disposal. Video, voice or text... they decide!







Measure your success

Track and measure attendees participation and interaction
during the event. Number of registrations per room,
time spent in session, audience per booth are some of the
features econgress™ have for you.

If it can be measured, we will report it!

Event audience


Total number of attendees
Attendees per session

Booth visits


Audience per booth
Number of sales reps interactions
Number of downloads



Audience per room
Time spent in room

ePoster Presentations


ePoster number of visualizations
ePoster downloads
ePoster number of meetings

Networking Lounge


Audience Networking lounge (total/per day)
Number of eCard exchanges



If it can be measured,
we will report it!